6-9 October 2020
ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center
St. Petersburg, Russia

134 days until the event

Useful information for participants of Energetika & Elektrotechnika

Exhibition Rules and Regulations

  • Only those Exhibitors, who have all financial documents confirming payment, are given admission to the Exhibition. Representative of a company-exhibitor must have a letter of attorney giving the right to sign financial documents or a letter, authenticated by signature and a stamp of the company's director. If the Exhibitor's representative does not possess the documents, stating his powers to act on behalf of the Exhibitor, the Organiser has the right to deny the Exhibitor's representative in giving out the informational and financial documents, including the certificate of rendering of services and the invoice
  • Before the end of dismantling, Exhibitors shall check all mutual settlements with the Management office and return all the equipment and inventory in sound condition or compensate their full price in case of damage. Removal of the exhibits and equipment from the territory of the Exhibition is prohibited before completion of all financial procedures.
  • Entrance in the pavilion during the Exhibition is allowed from 9.00 a.m. with the participants' badges.
  • The Exhibition is open for the visitors with invitations and tickets on 21 – 23 May  from 10.00 to 17.30 p.m. and on 24 May from 10.00 to 15.30..
  • Commercial activity during the Exhibition is carried out in accordance with the acting legislation. If a company not accredited as an Exhibitor carries out a commercial activity, the Exhibitor's activity in this case is terminated immediately. Money in this case is not refunded.
  • Cleaning of the stand is carried out by the Exhibitors or ordered at the Organiser's office at the expense of the Exhibitor.
  • During the Exhibition the Organiser provides the general security of the territory (pass control, public order at the territory of the Exhibition). The Organiser is not responsible for the exhibits and other goods of the Exhibitor during the working hours of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor may complete a contract with a special security company.
  • The rental ground may be used exclusively in compliance with the goals of the exhibitions.

It is absolutely forbidden to:

  • Use nails or glue in the decoration of the stand to avoid damage of the wall panels,
  • Smoke, use naked fire or unsound electrical devices, use highly inflammable and acrid liquids, to cumber stand and passages with empty tare,
  • Carry out advertising and commercial activity for the organizations not accredited at the Exhibition.

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