25-28 June 2019
ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center
St. Petersburg, Russia

32 days until the event

Terms of participation

Applying for participation

To apply for the Exhibition, please send an Application Form to the Secretariat no later than 15 May 2019. After that the Company will be registered as an Exhibitor. Upon receipt of the Application the Organizer will send you the draft of the Contract and the invoice.

Registration fee

Registration fee of 528 Euro includes: official catalogue entry, 1 copy of the official catalogue, 1 invitation to the Official reception.
Exhibitor has the right to showcase the materials of co-exhibitors who have to follow the present terms of participation and pay the registration fee of 528 euros.

Accreditation of exhibitors

Persons who work at the stands must be accredited and wear a badge (accreditation card), which gives a right to enter the territory of the exhibition complex and to work at the stand.

Exhibition space cost 

267 Euro per 1 sqm of indoor space only

The cost of indoor space only includes: exhibition space, general exhibition advertising, general security of the exhibition, cleaning of ways and public accommodation. Stand construction / shell scheme is paid separately.
The Organizer reserves the right to change the location of the Exhibitor’s stand if necessary.

Minimal stand sizes:

  • 15 sqm for an indoor space only stand
  • 9 sqm for a shell scheme stand
  • 12 sqm for a 2-side open (corner) stand
  • 40 sqm for a stand on the central aisle


In case of ordering a stand with open sides / premium location extra charges will be applied:

  • for a stand opened from 2 sides (corner)…………..10%
  • for a stand opened from 3 sides (peninsular)………15%
  • for a stand opened from 4 sides (island) …………...20%
  • a double-decker stand…………………………………50%
  • for a stand on the central aisle ……….. …………….15%
  • for a stand in the first line to the entrance………. ....10%

Payment terms

  • If applied more than 6 months before the event, the pre-payment of 50% of the cost of the services under the contract shall be paid within 5 bank days after the invoice issue.
  • If applied less than 6 months before the event, the pre-payment of 70% of the cost of the services under the contract shall be paid within 5 bank days after the invoice issue.

Full payment shall be made not less than 30 days before the set-up of the exhibition – 23 May 2019.

The invoice for participation in the exhibition is issued on the basis of the application form.

The cost of the Contract does not include the transportation and insurance of the Exhibitor's property to be placed at its stand. The Exhibitor shall pay the above fees at its own expense.

The Secretariat reserves the right to cancel the registration of Exhibitors, who do not confirm the payment in the scheduled dates.

Cancellation. In case of cancelling participation or reducing the stand size the Exhibitor shall inform the Organiser in writing. The payment for participation paid by the Exhibitor shall not be reimbursed.

Official catalogue

The official catalogue of the Exhibition is published in Russian and English based on the information obtained from the Exhibitors. The catalogue will be issued in CD or a flash-drive; we will not issue a printing catalogue.

Text information (company name, contacts, brief resume – max. 500 characters) in Russian and English should be provided in electronic form.

The graphic files (company’s logo, advertising artwork) should be provided in raster formats (Tiff, Psd (300 dpi) or vector formats (Ai, Eps).

The information for the catalogue should be sent by e-mail: oilgas@restec.ru not later than 15 May 2019.

For more information on the Exhibition please contact:
RESTEC Exhibition Company
Julia Boublits
Tel.: + 7 812 320 80 91
e-mail: oilgas@restec.ru