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Results 2009

The 16th International Specialized Exhibition POWER INDUSTRY AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 

May 19-22, 2009, St. Petersburg

The 16th International Specialized Exhibition POWER INDUSTRY AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING having been organized by RESTEC™ and Lenexpo completed its work on the 22nd of May.

The Exhibition was organized with the support of Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Government of St. Petersburg, Government of Leningrad Oblast, Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Legislative Assembly of Leningrad Oblast, Associations of Interregional Economic Cooperation of the North-West of Russia, Regional Administration of the Federal Agency of Energy in the North-Western Federal District, Union of Energy Workers of the North-West of Russia, Gas club, AVOK North-West.

The official opening ceremony was participated by Oleg Trishkin, Chairman of the Committee for Energy and Engineering in St. Petersburg, Grigory Slabikov, Head of Interregional Territory Administration of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision in the North-Western Federal District, Sergey Podkolzin, Head of Regional Administration of the Federal Agency of Energy in the North-Western Federal District, Mr. Arthur Brunner, Deputy General Council of Federal Republic of Germany, Vladimir Markin, Vice-president of Union of Energy Workers of the North-West of Russia, etc.

During the years while the Exhibition POWER INDUSTRY AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING has been held it has proved itself as a relevant and of high interest event as well as a most representative Russian exhibition event devoted to the industry issues.

The Exhibition was organized under rather complicated conditions, the world economic crisis has already affected nearly every industry including power industry. Notwithstanding this fact, the Exhibition was participated by over 330 companies from Russia and 9 foreign companies (Belorussia, Germany, India, China, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Finland) which traditionally represent the whole range of electrical equipment. They are H. Heinz Messwiderstaende GmbH (Germany), JUMO GmbH & Co. (Germany), Valve Plant "Chemar" (Poland), ABB, AREVA, Baltic Cable Company, Zaporozhtransformator (Ukraine), JSC Concern Energomera, LAPP Russia, Minsk power plant (Belorussia), Neva plant Electrostchit, Sverdlovsk current transformer plant, STREAMER Electric Company Inc., LOZ-SZMA Trading House, EFO, PJSC Yuzhcable Works (Ukraine) and many others.

According to the opinion of regular visitors and participants, the Exhibition is a traditional meeting place for the industry representatives mostly due to an extended business program. For 3 days of the Exhibition guests and participates could take part in various conferences, seminars and round table meetings.

The annual conference Oil, Gas and Power Industry of Russia. Innovations and Industrial Safety was devoted to discussing the most pressing industry issues, including attracting investments and technical modernization of the industry as well as electric reliability provisions for industrial enterprises. The industry experts were much interested in the discussion Energy Safety - Options and Actuality opened for the first time within the framework of the Exhibition. Industrial Group METRAN, JUNG VILNIUS, UAB, SPC KRUG, PJSC Phoenix Contact Rus, Sensorlink-Logistics, Kamskiy Kabel (Kamsk cable), LLC Nexans CIS, Ardatovskiy lightning plant took an active part organising and holding events within the framework of the Exhibition. Operating power engineers emphasised the necessity of such events as an opportunity for business communication and to increase professional level.

The 20th of May was called the German Day (the event was organised by German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology). The German Day featured the following presentations of German Biomass Research Center, Federal Union for Solar Energy Consumption (BSW e.V.), Konrad Adenauer Endowment, Associations of Decentralized Power Technologies, bound by the topic German Experience of Energy Using and Saving. The Exhibition turned to be a perfect opportunity to establish new business contacts and exchange scientific ideas for German experts. Foreign partners said about advanced technologies for biogas production, waste disposal and solar energy consumption. The German Day logically followed the German Russian Forum devoted to the issues of cooperation which has been held within the framework of the Exhibition for the recent years.

The Exhibition POWER INDUSTRY AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING draw much social attention, being organised and supported by a comprehensive advertising campaign engaging trade, business and political Mass Media. According to the registration lists, the event was participated by about 9 800 experts – power engineering experts, building and developing experts, industrial engineers, scientists from over 180 Russian cities and 22 foreign countries.

Following traditions, the Exhibition participants and visitors were questioned to evaluate the event performance. According to the results, most of participants remained glad with the results of their work, the Exhibition exceeded their expectations on business communication, meetings and contacts.

The Exhibition organizers thank all the participants, visitors, information and advertising partners and invite to take part in the 17th Exhibition POWER INDUSTRY AND ELECTRIVAL ENGINEERING to be held on May 11-14, 2010.

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