ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center
St. Petersburg, Russia

Business programme

Business programme within the framework of 17th International Specialised Exhibition Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

Day of Germany


  • Energy efficiency of industrial facilities
  • Distribution  network of the RF: conditions, problems, ways of solving them
  • Large and small power industries: development and cooperation problems
  • Power industry and education

Joint meeting of Industry and Energy Committee of the North-West Association and Engineering Department of St. Petersburg Union of Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

3rd Innovation Conference RPS-2010. Renewable power sources in Russia. Problems, ways of solving them, prospects.


  • Current power industry issues: energy saving, energy efficiency, reliability and personnel training
  • Improving of the reliability and growth of the distribution networks operating efficiency. Innovative and midrange voltage technologies.

Seminar-presentation of power-efficient and original equipment, materials and technologies.

Roundtable discussion: Audit in power industry

Training within the framework of further professional education - upgrading specialists’ qualifications under the program: Efficient energy use requirements to design, construct and put the objects into operation. The experience of foreign companies.

Presentation of the companies

  • JSC Ardatovskiy lightning equipment plant
  • JSC Kontaktor
  • SC Lightning Technologies
  • Schneider Electric
  • GmbH Hensel Electro