6-9 October 2020
ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center
St. Petersburg, Russia

Results 2013

On April 20, the 20th Anniversary International Specialised Exhibition Energetika & Elektrotechnika was finished in Saint-Petersburg.

Energetika & Elektrotechnika is one of the largest exhibitions in Northern Europe, which presents equipment and the latest developments in the field of power engineering, power, heating and gas supply systems, environmental security, energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies.

The project of 2013 was attended by more than 350 industry firms from 14 countries - Russia, Austria, Belarus, Germany, Italy, China, UAE, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Japan.

Traditionally, collective stands of the German Ministry of Economy and Technology and the Czech Republic were presented at the exhibition. Foreign participants presented energy-efficient technologies and exhibits dealing with the use of renewable energy sources.

Another collective exhibition was organized by the Centre of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency of the Leningrad region, which demonstrated innovative developments in the field of energy made by domestic companies Laser Graffiti, Energocontrol, Istok and Radiofid Systemy.

The presence at the exhibition of such companies as ABB, Energomash (Yekaterinburg) – Uralelektrotyazhmash, Electroshield – Samara, Eltechnika, Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V.I. Kozlov, Sverdlovsk Works of Current Transformers, EFO, ChEAZ, Sevkabel, Kamskiy Kabel, Cable Alliance Holding, Moskabelmet, NTT-ELECTRO, SET, KORTEM-Elektronpribor, VELAN, Hakel Ros and many others, of course, points to the high level of organization and demand for the event in the energy sector.

For the first time, participants of the exhibition were the world leaders of the energy market: Kawasaki (Japan), Koncar (Croatia), Sirmet Elettrica and StarPower (Italy), Sahra Kablo (Turkey), Pentair (Germany), as well as Russian companies, including Gazprom Energoholding. At the stand of Gazprom Energoholding, the energy sector's largest contract for maintenance of basic facility of the Kirishi Power Station was signed.

Traditionally, the Business Contact Exchange (MatchMaking) was operating at the exhibition venue. Most active participants of the Business Contact Exchange were representatives of Kawasaki (Japan), Sirmet (Italy), Elmonet (Poland), Hawa and Jean Mueller (Germany) and Russian companies: Eurochem Group, Corporate Power Solutions, Stroyenergokomplekt, Quasar-Energo, BPA byuro promyshlennoy avtomatizatsii, LED Engineering, SIMECS, Promyshlennye Tekhnologicheskiye Sistemy, Electronmash. For the first time, negotiations of the Representation of the Republic of Komi in the Northwestern Region of the Russian Federation and the Consulate General of Poland in Saint-Petersburg were held in the Business Contact Exchange.

The anniversary exhibition Energetika & Elektrotechnika was accompanied by Russian International Energy Forum with a multidisciplinary conference programme. The Forum discussed the problems of search for effective solutions for the energy sector, as well as prospects for implementation of modern energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies, and tariff policy. In addition, during the conferences, workshops and round tables, the experts examined issues facing the industry, including - optimization of legislative instruments, laws and regulations, aspects of energy supply in the housing services and utilities, the possibility of creating integrated learning centres in the field of energy efficiency and other topics related to the modernization of the energy sector of the country.

For the first time, at the exhibition Energetika & Elektrotechnika-2013, the final round of the CadEL tournament was held (the CadEL programme was established for the design of electrical devices based on standard solutions).

Semi-finalists gathered at the Electronmash stand to perform tasks on the touch panel. The winner of the competition was an employee of Rosengineering Ekaterina Minakova, the second, third and fourth places were taken respectively by Ilya Nikiforov (Energoservis proyekt), Sergey Kobzarev (NK Rosneft) and Michael Bugriy (North-West Engineering Corporation). All the participants proved themselves as real professionals in the field of design in general and in the CadEL in particular.

Product presentations were also made by the largest companies in the industry: ABB, Eaton, Research and Development Centre Mekhanotronika, Nexans Rus, Lighting Technologies Trading Company, Ardatovsky Svetotekhnichesky Zavod, Klauke Rus, Intellektualnye Sistemy Ucheta.

All the events were organized with the support and active participation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal State Institution Russian Energy Agency, the Saint-Petersburg Government, the Leningrad Region Government, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, trade unions and associations.

According to a survey taken by employees of the organizer – RESTEC® Exhibition Company – the exhibition was a definite success; exhibitors reported on an increased number of visitors and their qualitative composition as well as a commercial success of the event. During the exhibition, prearranged contracts were concluded, letters of intent were signed, and participants secured new business.

The 20th Anniversary International Specialised Exhibition Energetika & Elektrotechnika affirmed its status as the main business event in the electrical industry of Russia and Eastern Europe, having brought together more than 350 exhibiting companies and 9,500 experts of the industry.

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