25-28 June 2019
ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center
St. Petersburg, Russia

9 days until the event

List of Exhibitors

Energetika & Elektrotechnika
22nd International Trade Exhibition
19 – 22 May 2015
St. Petersburg, Russia


AKEL, St. Petersburg
AKME, St. Petersburg
Algoritm Ltd., St. Petersburg
Alur Cable Plant, Velikiye Luki
Angstrem, Yaroslavl
Apriori, Trade and Engineering Company, Moscow
Argon, Saratov region
ASHIDA Electronics Pvt Ltd., India
Askold Cable Company, St. Petersburg
Automatisation and IT in Energy, Moscow
AviaPort, Moscow
Avtomatika PKF, Ltd., Tula
Belenergoremnaladka, Belarus
Belomo, Belarus
Business Engineering Group, Moscow
BusinessPort, Novosibirsk
Cable Alliance Holding, Ltd., Yekaterinburg
Cable-news, Moscow
Cascade, JSC, Cheboksary
CEO’s adviser, magazine, Moscow
Control Engineering, Moscow
CzechTrade - Czech Trade Promotion Agency, Czech Republic
DarNova, St. Petersburg
Dehn Rus, Moscow
Devesoft Rus
Dial-Neva Ltd., St. Petersburg
Dielectric Cabling Systems, JSC, Moscow
Drive Technologies, Moscow
EAE Elektrik, Turkey
ECOlogy2030, Yekaterinburg
ECT-SPb Ltd, St. Petersburg
Ege-Energan, St. Petersburg
EkecTrade-M, Moscow
EKRA Ltd., Cheboksary
Elec.ru, Velikiye Luki
Elecab, Moscow
Electra Plus, St. Petersburg
Electrical Energy. Transmission and distribution, Moscow
Electro North-West, St. Petersburg
Electro Profi Group of Companies, St. Petersburg
Electroavtomat, Cheboksary
Electrobel, Minks
Electrointer, Serpukhov 
Electronic Information Systems, JSC, Yekaterinburg
Electronmash, St. Petersburg
Electroshield – TM, Samara
Electroshield-Co., Moscow
ElectroShieldUnion, St. Petersburg
Electrotechnical Market, Moscow
Electrotechnical Market, Velikiye Luki
Elegiya, St. Petersburg
Elektrobudowa, Poland
Elektropribor, Krasnodar
Elektroustanovka Plus, Moscow
ELEXIM a.s., Czech Republic
Elprom, Stavropol
Elster Metronica Ltd., Moscow
Energomash (Yekaterinburg) – Uralelectrotyazhmash, Yekaterinburg
Energomera Electrotechnical Plants, Stavropol
Energotest-Electro, Moscow
Energy Academy, St. Petersburg
Energy and Industry of Russia, St. Petersburg
Energy experts journal, Minsk
Energyland, Yekaterinburg
Engineering Systems, St. Petersburg
Ensto Rus, Moscow
Epotos, Moscow
Escon, St. Petersburg
EX Technologies, St. Petersburg
Exporters of Russia, Moscow
EZOIS-St. Petersburg
Finder, Moscow
Fizpribor Moscow Plant, Moscow
GELCO Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India
HAIDY a.s., Czech Republic
Hakel Ros, St. Petersburg
Hummel, Germany/St. Petersburg
Inbalt, Ltd., St. Petersburg
Industrial Automation, Samara
Industrial Electrical Heating, Moscow
INFOLine, St. Petersburg
Invar-Eltrans, Moscow
Invent-electro, Tatarstan
Invertor Factory, Orenburg
ITSK Ltd., St. Petersburg
K-Electrotechnik, Omsk
Khimprom-M, Yaroslavl
Khomov Electro PO, JSC, Krasnogorsk
KIPaInfo, Moscow
Klinkmann, St. Petersburg
Kontakt, Saratov
Korabel, St. Petersburg
Kortem-Goreltech, St. Petersburg
KPB INTRA s.r.o., Czech Republic
KPM (Plant on production of dry transformers and reactors), St. Petersburg
LED Engineering, St. Petersburg
Ledwest, St. Petersburg
LEMZ (Leningrad Electromechanical Plant), JSC, St. Petersburg
LIK-94 (Velikie Luki Plant of Electrical Equipment), Velikie Luki
Logika, St. Petersburg
Lovato Electric, Italy/Moscow
MashPort, Moscow
Matrica, Moscow region
Meandr JSC, St. Petersburg
MEKA, St. Petersburg
Metallurgy Portal, Moscow
MetalProm, Moscow
Milandr, Zelenograd
Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V.I.Kozlov, Belarus
Mircon, Moscow
Mitek, St. Petersburg
MONTAK, St. Petersburg
Multi-Contact Russia «Staubli RUS», St. Petersburg
NANO Solution s.r.o., Czech Republic
N-Avtomatika, St. Petersburg
Neoteh, St. Petersburg
NILED, Podolsk
NITECH, St. Petersburg
North Aurora, St. Petersburg
OBO Bettermann, Moscow
ONKA, Turkey
Ostec-Systems, Moscow
P&K-ENERGO, Moscow
Phoenix Contact RUS, Moscow
Proektelectrotechnika, Chuvash Republic
Promelectro, St. Petersburg
Promyshlenny Vestnik, St. Petersburg 
Proton-Electrotex, Oryol
Pskov Power Transformers Factory, Pskov
Rational Enterprise Management, St. Petersburg
RCB (Regional Cable Bases), St. Petersburg
REP Holding, St. Petersburg
Resurs, St. Petersburg
Rittal, Moscow
Rospol Elektro, St. Petersburg
ROSS Energy Holding, St. Petersburg
RTC-Electro-M, St. Petersburg
RusCable, Moscow
Rusenergetics, Moscow
Ruvinil, Moscow
SCC-Fariel, Samara
Self Regulation and Business, St. Petersburg
Sevcable, St. Petersburg
SFA Electric, Turkey
Simecs, St. Petersburg
SKB EP, Ltd., Irkutsk
Softline, Moscow
Sonel, Moscow
Stroyenergokomplekt Ltd., St. Petersburg
Stroyka, group of newspapers, St. Petersburg
StroyProm, St. Petersburg
Supply of industrial enterprises, St. Petersburg
Sverdlovsk Works of Current Transformers, Yekaterinburg
Tatcable, Tatarstan republic
Techno-AC, Kolomna
TechSovet, Yekaterinburg
TEK Energan, St. Petersburg
TEK, Belgorod
Telawne Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd., India
TENEO s.r.o., Czech Republic
Terma-Energo, St. Petersburg
Termofit, St. Petersburg
TEZIZ, St. Petersburg
The Wipe Hotwire India Thermal Equipments (P) Ltd., India
Titan Engineering, St. Petersburg
Trade and Investment Promotion Section. The General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Saint Petersburg, Poland
Transformer SPb, St. Petersburg
Trest Sevzapenergomontazh, St. Petersburg
TVD –Technická výroba a.s., Czech Republic
Tyco Electronics RUS, St. Petersburg
Uniel, Moscow region
Uralenergoservis, Yekaterinburg
Vector Electrotechnical Plant, Votkinsk
VELAN, Rostov-on-Don
Volkhov Science and Technical Plant, Veliky Novgorod
Wago Kontakt Rus, Moscow
West-L, St. Petersburg
WikiProm, Barnaul
YE International CJSC, St. Petersburg 
Zavod of transformer substations “SET”, St. Petersburg
ZEZ SILKO s.r.o., Czech Republic